Central Finland Left

Central Finland Left is a district organization of the Left alliance, which consist of local and municipal organizations active in Central Finland. The municipalities and cities of Central Finland have local and municipal organizations with an umbrella organization called the Central Finland Left.
There are altogether 11 district organisations and together they establish the Left Alliance party.

The Left Alliance aims to have a fair world and ecologically balanced development. Increasing human self-empowerment is important to us.

Left Alliance of Central Finland was established 1990. It is made up of 28 local associations which
operate in 19 municipalities in the local councils. There are left-wing local councilors in the 13 municipality local councils. In total, there are 23 municipalities in Central Finland.

The Left Alliance works for social justice and sustainable development. The party, founded in 1990,
promotes democracy, equal treatment of people and a economically secure life. The party is open to all women and men who want free, democratic, tolerant and non-violent society.

The aim of the Central Finland Left is to promote the principles of equalite, justice and real freedom in Finland. The district organization conveys views and opinions of the Central Finland Left to the national party’s decision-making process.